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von 12.12.20 bis 23.01.21



"...if you say that you are an artist, then the tiresome discussion about what art is and, whether what you do, is real art, begins. If you call yourself an artist, you are subject to the jurisdiction of the art scholars. The refusal of the term of art is therefore also an act of defiance," answered MOSES & TAPS™ Larissa Kikol's question of whether they see themselves as artists in an interview in "Kunstforum International" Volume 260.

In their third solo exhibition at the Golden Hands Gallery, BILDERMACHER™, they have now found a pragmatic solution to their self-description "We make pictures".

In BILDERMACHER™ MOSES & TAPS™ translate for the viewer the inspiration of their daily work as graffiti artists outside the studio. The unique moods are transported through her various series of works and thus form an inimitable aesthetic of railroad and metropolitan romanticism.

The fact that "making pictures" clearly goes beyond pure painting is...